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We'll Handle The Dirty Work

There is no doubt that chimneys play an important role in the heating and cooling of any property. Even though it may seem like a simple duct that leads to the outside, keeping your chimney in good working order can be a challenge, to say the least. That’s Why chimney cleanings are so important – they keep your chimney and fireplace system working in a safe and efficient manner!

We Save You Time & Money

The simplest of chimney repairs can require a substantial amount of work in order to be sure that the work is completed correctly. Upgrades can also be time-consuming and skill-intensive. If done by an unqualified contractor, anything from chimney waterproofing to chimney caps can go horribly wrong.

At 1800-Chimney, we have years of experience in chimney work, so you can rely on us for any chimney work you need. No matter how big or small the project is, we hold ourselves to a high standard. You can count on us for everything from chimney liner installation to chimney sweep services.


Comprehensive Chimney Services

It doesn’t matter what the job is – cleaning, removing blockages, inspections, or animal proofing – we do it all. We have built a reputation that our long-term clients can trust, and we are proud to have assisted thousands of homes and properties in keeping their chimneys in the best possible condition. Whether you are concerned about the functional or aesthetic aspects of your chimney and the fixtures surrounding it, we can assist you with both, offering long-term solutions that can reduce the amount of money spent on heating and cooling your home in the future. Having worked closely with our clients, we are able to assist them in getting the chimney they are looking for.

Why Choose Us?

As an essential guideline for ensuring that your chimney meets the standards of your local building codes, as well as for preventing accidents, the National Fire Code serves as an essential safety guideline. We at 1800 chimney work within these guidelines to help you prevent accidents and keep your building safe. We have provided chimney services to thousands of customers, making sure that all of their chimneys are in compliance with building regulations. You can count on us to help you if you are looking for a proper chimney cleaning company.

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5 Star Reviews!

If you are looking for a good price and professional service then look no further. Paulie, the service technician is a rock star when it comes to chimneys, he sucessfully restored my 100 year old fireplace 2 years ago and did it for a super affordable price explaining everything to me along the way. I can now enjoy my fireplace like I always wanted. Highly recommended.

Christopher Polanco

Had a great experience with them! they called me up reminding me that i was overdue for a chimney cleaning, scheduled me the next day, arrived timely and were very polite and now i'm all set

Lauren Langtry