Fireplace Blower Installation

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Why Do I need and Fireplace Blower and how do they work?

When you think of a fireplace, you think of an opening in the wall with a flue above it to vent the smoke. Some fireplaces have glass doors on the front, or a screen making it look closed. Basically, a fireplace is either built one of two ways: masonry or factory built. The fireplace blower system for these are different. The blower really only refers to the fan doing the blowing. The blower has to bee hooked up to a system that works for your fireplace.

Fireplaces tend to heat the air directly in front of them. By the time the fire is out your house is many times left colder then before you started the fire. Pressure differences on the outside and inside of your house pulls cold outside air in and sucks the heat out of your house and up the chimney. Just some glass doors will help alleviate that when your fires not burning. But when your fire is burning it pulls air feed itself. This process makes the fireplace very inefficient.

How it works

All blowers have the same basic concept but vary on how they fit into your traditional masonry or fireplace insert. The blower draws fresh air from your home. It is cycled through a series of chambers in your fireplace and is thus heated. The warm air is blown out into your home. It’s a very simple concept but is up to 500x more efficient. You will save on heating bills and  burn less wood in your fireplace. Air isn’t very dense so its heats up quickly.


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More specific information related to blowers and their many styles will be addressed in our blog. Make sure to follow!

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