1800 Chimney  of Long Island has been providing quality chimney repair services to Long Island customers for over seventeen years. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service to all our Long Island customers. We are a fully licensed and insured Chimney service company on Long Island. Our business was established in 1997 and we are proud to offer competitive prices and top notch customer service to our customers. We are fully licensed and insured and have years of experience in chimney cleaning on Long Island.
Chimney liners of Long Island  are a definite necessity in the chimney of any home on Long Island. Chimney liners are clay, ceramic or metal liners that are installed inside of a chimney and they are intended to contain any dangerous and direct it to the outside atmosphere, and protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion. Although building codes may vary from state to state, chimney liners are highly recommended in Long Island homes and businesses. In addition, most fire codes in commercial buildings on Long Island, mandate chimney liners.
If your home is in need of chimney liners and installation, contact the experts at 1800 Chimney Inc. We can perform chimney liner installation in your home. Our technicians can take care of the entire service for you. Chimney liners should be installed to protect your family and your Long Island home.
Chimney liners serve several functions in Long Island homes. First, the chimney liners protect the house from heat transfer to combustibles. The chimney liners also protect the masonry from any corrosive byproducts of combustion.
Chimney liners are available in several types of materials including clay tiles, metal and cast-in-place liners. We will help you choose the right liner for your Long Island home. Clay tiles are the most common type of masonry chimney liners. They are inexpensive, readily available, and perform well for open fireplace chimneys that are properly maintained. Metal chimney liners, usually of stainless steel or aluminum, are primarily used to upgrade and repair existing chimneys. Cast-in-place chimney liners are lightweight, and cement like products that are installed inside the chimney forming a smooth, seamless, insulated passageway for smoke and carcinogens. They can improve the structural integrity of old chimneys, and are permanent liners suitable for all fuels.
In addition to chimney liners and chimney repair, we also recommend regular chimney cleaning services to all of our Long Island customers. A regular chimney cleaning keeps your chimney in the best condition while preventing fire hazards. In addition, if you need a Long Island chimney repair, a cleaning should also be performed to ensure that your chimney works even more efficiently. We can clean your chimney and remove any obstructions, leaving it in great shape.
Call 1800 Chimney for chimney liner installations and chimney repairs in your Long Island home today. Call us at 1-800-640-3583. We are an experienced company to call whenever you need reliable chimney repair or services performed at your Long Island home. Long Island residents always choose 1800 Chimney for chimney repair, services and chimney liners.