As the weather starts to get cold during the winter months on Long Island, your chimney will be used quite frequently when you have the heat on or when you light your fireplace to warm your home.  In order to ensure that your home stays warm during the coldest of weather, your chimney should be in good condition and may require service. Chimney waterproofing long island services are a good way to take care of your chimney. Hire 1800 Chimney Inc. of Long Island to take care of chimney waterproofing.


Rain and snow can cause damage to your chimney.  Extreme water damage can cause cracks that subsequently get bigger over time.  Waterproofing can help to prevent this.  It is important to take the proper measures to prevent any water damage to your chimney.  In these cases, waterproofing can be very effective. 1800 Chimney Inc. offers reliable and effective chimney waterproofing services to customers in homes or businesses on Long Island.

Homeowners may not even realize that their chimney requires waterproofing service. It is a fact that chimneys will be damaged over time from harsh weather conditions. Rain, snow, sleet and repeated freezing will wear away the brick and masonry of your chimney thus causing damage. Chimney waterproofing long island services will protect your chimney from these elements. Homeowners should be proactive and schedule a chimney waterproofing service for their homes today.  This service should be taken care of before the winter months when your chimney is used frequently.  1800 Chimney Inc. offers the most effective chimney waterproofing services to homeowners all over Long Island.

Frost – Wedging

Frost Wedging is a big culprit for destroying masonry. Water freezes in cracks and then thaws during the day. Overnight, the thawed water freezes again. Water expands when frozen and pushes against the cracks. Over time this cycle is what cracks apart mountains!  Your chimney also suffers this fate. Long Island winters are especially susceptible to this type of damage.

In addition to waterproofing, 1800 Chimney Inc. offers numerous other chimney services for Long Island customers. At 1800 Chimney of Long Island , we are experts at chimney cleaning, chimney repair and many other chimney related services for Long Island customers. We can take care of your chimney services as well as any other issues in your Long Island home. Above all,  safety is always our number one priority.

Schedule a waterproofing service or any other chimney repair service for your Long Island home. Estimate of service costs are provided before we start any work.  Trust us to provide reliable and efficient service for your waterproofing at your Long Island home. Call us for waterproofing today.

Why Call Us?

Call 1800 Chimney Inc of Long Island  for any chimney related services that you may need for your Long Island home.  We can take care of any chimney repair, cleaning, chimney waterproofing or even a chimney installation. Technicians are fully-licensed and insured as well as proud members of the National Fire Protection Agency and the National Chimney Sweep Guild.  Servicing all of Long Island and the New York has provided us with a very dedicated customer base. Call us for any waterproofing services that you may need.