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Unfortunately, not all Long Island chimney companies provide good quality work. That’s where 1800 Chimney Inc. comes in. Because we have over twenty years of experience, you can trust us as a reputable, family owned company. Your Eastport home is guaranteed to have a complete chimney cleaning. Because we’ve provided nothing but the very best work with consideration towards our customers, we’re one of the best chimney companies on Long Island. This is also evident by our certification with the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Don’t wait and have 1800 Chimney Inc. of Eastport do a chimney cleaning for you today. In fact, we can do any kind of chimney service as well, whether it’s a small repair or a complete installation of a chimney.

About Us

Our business was established in 1997 by Michael Steeneck, originally just performing local chimney cleaning services. Over the years, we’ve branched out to doing chimney cleaning work all over Eastport and Long Island. Our customer base and business both increased as a result. However, despite this, our company still carries the same values as when we first started our business. Our number one goal as a business is to provide only the best work in every chimney cleaning job we do in Eastport. Luckily, this has resulted in our good reputation across Long Island for high quality work that is performed with extra security and protection. Trust in us as a local company, because we’ll perform any job for you efficiently and quickly, all while remaining professional.


We can perform any kind of service for your Eastport chimney, such as a chimney cleaning, chimney sweep, and more. We also do work on fireplaces, such as masonry. The professionals at 1800 Chimney highly recommend having your chimney inspected every year, just to make sure that it’s in good, working condition. When you have your chimney swept consistently, you’ll avoid fire hazards and potentially expensive repair work. Our staff is fully experienced with chimney cleaning so you know that your Eastport chimney will be taken care of. Let us also perform other services such as liner installations, masonry, chimney caps, safety checkups, waterproofing and damper installations.1800 Chimney also carries a modern sealant known as Thermocrete™ Ceramic Flue Sealant, and it is the very best in New York. Because it’s a high quality product, it’ll last for years to come in your Eastport home along with regular chimney cleaning. This sealant is so revolutionary that old fashioned steel liners can’t match up, and it’s inexpensive too. Even if you have imperfections in your chimney’s interior, this sealant will fill them in for you and make the overall structure even stronger. Call us for a chimney cleaning and see how we can improve your Eastport chimney with our sealant.Our 24 hour emergency service is available in case you have an urgent situation with your chimney. Many other companies don’t offer this kind of service for their customers, but 1800 Chimney does because we value your safety. Call now at 1-800-CHIMNEY to see what we can do for your chimney today.