Stainless steel chimney cap

A stainless steel chimney cap should be installed if one isn’t already in place. Chimney Caps have an important function in the proper functioning of a fireplace. It keeps animals, rainwater, leaves and debris out of the chimney, and the mesh around the cap sides acts as a spark arrestor protecting the roof from burning embers starting a house fire. It also improves proper airflow up the flue. This small amount of metal protecting your chimney can prevent numerous mishaps from taking place and save a homeowner thousands of dollars in unnecessary chimney repair or damage expense


Your chimney is warm and squirrels, birds,mice and raccoons know it.Basically anything that can fit in your chimney. If they can get on your roof they’ll set up a nest next to or inside your chimney. A squirrels can make a nest 4 feet deep in a day therefore changing airflow and even blocking it completely. This can cause soot to build up in your house and even cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Equally important, nests are highly flammable as well a safe place that’s connected right to the inside of your house. A stainless steel chimney cap with a wire mesh is an easy and important step to protect your home and family.


Rain, snow, and ice are all bad for you chimney flue. They can mix with soot and cause deterioration. In addition, any moisture that is freezing and thawing is going to cause hard damage to your flue. We can install a cap that will keep the water out!



Sparks and Embers

I see sparks flying out of chimneys all the time. Sparks and embers start fires. These embers can land on your roof or catch a dry leafy tree branch right above your house. From there I don’t think I have to describe the horrible possibilities and potential for high cost damage. Whenever you see sparks coming out of the chimney you should call us to inspect your chimney cap.1800 Chimney Inc. Specialists can inspect, recommend, and properly install your chimney cap. Give us a call and will get right to you! 1-800-640-3583