Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

The Lifetime chimney supply’s  Stainless Steel Chimney Liner is intended for use as a masonry chimney liner. Liners are available in several sizes, gauges and shapes to suit your specific chimney need. Our certified technicians will inspect your chimney and therefore be able recommend the proper system for your home. Not all Liners are the same so we choose the best! The lifetime stainless steel chimney liner is tested and approved for masonry chimneys serving gas, oil or wood.[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”1018″ title=”Stainless Steel Chimney Liner”][/image_with_text][image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”1017″ title=”Stainless Steel Chimney Liner”][/image_with_text]Chimney liners  greatly improve home safety and airflow up the chimney. Prevents Carbon Monoxide leaks and the liners are made to last.

Why do i need a Liner

There are several reasons to replace or get a chimney liner. DO NOT ignore them! For example, if you have an old home, you may not have clay tiles lining your chimney. Although that is no longer allowed, a chimney without tiles can leak soot and noxious gases, such as carbon monoxide, through cracks in the joints. In addition, liquid  creosote soaks into the mortar joints. This results in the real possibility  your whole chimney can go up in flames. Having cracks in the flue liner is equivalent to having no liner at all! Also the addition of an insert or new stove most likely requires a chimney liner.   1800 Chimney will inspect your chimney for the above purposes. On the other hand, if you see bits of crumbled liner falling from your chimney into your fireplace, that’s evidence enough that you need to install a new chimney liner. Do not use your fireplace until you have done so. You don’t want to burn your home down. But disregarding the need for a new chimney liner will eventually result in just that. Its all about safety and so are we! Its why we want you to call us. We only offer the best.


1800 Chimney Inc.’s technicians are licensed, certified, as well as trained. Our specialists will choose the correct liner for your chimney. It will be installed  professionally and cleanly. Prior to installation, an inspection will take place ensuring the chimney is in top working condition. In addition, the flue will be cleaned of all debris that will  likely be problematic. Then relevant repairs will also take place. Once prepped, chimney liner installation can take place. In the event repairs are needed first, we will  provide you with an estimate. As a result your home will be safe!Whether you’re building a brand new chimney or looking to restore an older chimney, 1800 Chimney Inc  is eager to help. We’ll install an effective, and safe chimney for your home. You can count on us to prepare the best option for your home. Our technicians will make sure its watertight, functional, and attractive! In other words, 1800 Chimney will do the right thing for your home and family!   If you install a chimney liner, you’ll not only protect your home and family, you’ll add longevity to the chimney structure. In the end, installing a new chimney liner is the kind of insurance that allows you to rest easy, knowing you can use your fireplace or wood stove safely. 1800 Chimney is Licensed and Certified as well as a member of the National Fire Protection Agency and The National Chimney Sweep Guild! As a result, you can trust our technicians for all and any chimney of fireplace related service.   Call 1800 Chimney Today 1-800-640-3583